Casos de estudio comerciales

Basement is cycling friendly

There is a combination of free to access rails, cages and a bike compound. The racks are the CBR4B, CBR8GS dual height unit and the space saving BR2101 vertical unit also so lots to see in t

he one place. Cyclists are also able to access clothes lockers and I believe shower facilities are elsewhere in the building so a good place to ride to work no doubt. SCC were also one of the first of our clients to prefer the 400mm bike spacings on staggered racks which is now part of the range.

Dual Height Bike Racks

New tenants in this office building required a bike parking area due to the amount of cycling staff. After much discussion and design, the CBR8GS from Securabike was selected for the new area. The advantage of the system is that little vertical bike parking was required so most bikes are easily accessible. Securabike also installed the mesh cage to segregate the parking area with access control installed by the sites security firm (Honeywell) so it integrated with office security system also.

Smart Wheel Rack

Wall mounted and great design to hang sturdy bikes by front or back wheel.



Securabike would like to thank the following organisations for their continued support.