Casos de eStudios educacionales

Clean Up Scooters

Razor scooters are a popular method of transport for many school kids. In addition to skateboards, in great numbers they can present a problem for schools in storage. Securabikes scooter racks are designed to cleanly store razor scooters and skateboards alike. There is a security model also where students can lock their equipment with a padlock if theft or vandalism is a consideration.

University Bike Repair Stations

Universities can have thousands of cyclists on campuses each day as for many students, the bicycle can be the primary form of transport. With so many cyclists you need the infrastructure to support the equipment and this is not only parking spaces. Bike repair stations encourage bike use by providing an air pump and basic tools for cyclists to effect minor repairs. You can choose from a basic tool kit or a more advanced one if more tools are require.

University Shelters

As part of this new bike compound design, Securabikes Sentry bike rack was incorporated. The distinctive pattern is best for public spaces.

Smart Wheel Rack

Wall mounted and great design to hang sturdy bikes by front or back wheel.



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