Streetscapes Case Studies

Sea Promenade

The beautiful outlook attracts visitors and locals alike by all modes of transport including cycling of course. Securabikes SBR85B's are great addition to the streetscape and well used bike racks year round.

Distinctive Quale Bike Rail

This design award winner is a standout in any streetscape. It brings height to bike rails and colour to the street as the design allows for any colour at the top of the bike rail. The rail when grouped in numbers is striking and many local government councils have selected this rail as it is a stand out bike.

Derailed Winner

In 2011 this design award winner was installed into a number of local government councils in Sydney. It is an architectural favourite for any streetscape as it encompasses a practical bike rail but also the design elements that can compliment a new streetscape. The derailed is best in prominent positions in public spaces such as plaza's or outside buildings.

Smart Wheel Rack

Wall mounted and great design to hang sturdy bikes by front or back wheel.



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