Ferry Wharf Racks

Hundereds of commuters flock to this ferry wharf every workday to catch the ferry to the city. This over the years has meant Securabike has provided racks and lockers for around the site. As space becomes a premium the CBR4SCTM is favoured as it can stand up to the salty environment and means at 300mm centres, more bikes can be stored neatly. It is a great example of how this rack can assist.


Transport planning increasingly relies on hubs for commuters to change direction or their form of transport. From the home to the hub, an effective form of transport is the bicycle. This transport hub incorporated Securabikes bicycle lockers which commuters can rent. Additionally, a number of rails were installed for casual riders or those with bikes that the owners were not so concerned with security.

Bike Rails For Ferry Services

Ferries transport tens of thousands of people a day and the SBR85B is a preferred bike rail for ferry wharves as the material can be in marine grade 316 stainless steel. This bike rail is distinctive and practical to use.

Auckland NZ Bus Terminal

Securabike lockers were installed as part of the park and ride program.

Freeway Hub Lockers

Modern urban freeways are often built with public transportation in mind All along the freeway at interchanges as pictured are parking for both vehicles and bicycles for commuters to transition onto buses and for the most part then into town for work. The lockers are managed by the state Department of Transport and Infrastructure.

Smart Wheel Rack

Wall mounted and great design to hang sturdy bikes by front or back wheel.



Securabike would like to thank the following organisations for their continued support.