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The basement in a multi tenanted city office block in the heart of Adelaide was recently completely gutted and rebuilt to cater for a bicycle End of Journey facility. These major renovations required walls to be removed and rooms to be completely reconfigured. 

The walls have striking bike theme images, the floors have a special hard wearing carpet so cyclists can come down in the lift with bike and still be wearing their shoes without slipping or the risk of falling. The rooms are all temperature controlled and the showers / change rooms have all been revamped. Leading into the bike room is a automated swing door controlled by access control ensuring a high level of safety and security. 

Our client approached Leda and took up our free design layout service. We provided the client with three layout options and he decided to go with a mix of Leda BR2101 vertical racks and our CBR4SC horizontal racks caters for 68 bikes. The facility is not quite ready for general use but already has attracted an enormous amount of interest.
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